Ashcott Appliances - More than just a retailer...

Posted by Sam Boxell on 18th Jul 2016

Ashcott Appliances - More than just a retailer...

Well i guess that's a pretty bold statement. But that is exactly what we plan to be.

We have taken our first venture in to our own product range!

After months of planning, designing, funding and manufacturing we have our first batch of gas hobs on their way. 

To begin with we have put together 4 different style gas hobs. Gas hobs where a great place to start because they are popular, simple to design and we have plenty of experience in this area.

What we think we have a achieved is a stylish yet very function appliance that is built to last for years. 

They are due to us on the 8th of August and will be ready to ship immediately. We will have some beautiful photos and instructional videos to help you make an informed choice. 

We are really looking forward to this and hope we can make a statement for where we plan to take our business. Not just a retailer, but a well know and trusted brand and manufacturer of quality kitchen appliances.  

Thanks for stopping by :)